Manage mural members

See who's in your mural and manage members from inside your mural!


The owner of the mural can also see the option to manage members.  They will be able to remove and invite colleagues and manage the permissions of all mural members.


Here's how:

  1. Select the "members" icon in the top-right corner of your mural.  
  2. The drop-down menu will show who is online, the mural owner, and who has yet to access the mural.  
  3. From here, you can select and deselect check-boxes, assigning permissions as you need.





Rooms pass their permissions down to the murals housed inside them. This means that a user who is member of a room will automatically have access to all murals created inside that room.

Murals may have additional mural-level permissions:

  • Owner: the creator of a mural is the owner of that mural. The owner has the ability to invite other users into the room and adjust their permissions.
  • Invite people: the mural owner can grant a user the right to invite other people into the mural.
  • View-Only access: users with this permission may view the mural, but is not able to modify it in any way. 
  • Duplicate murals: workspace members must be given permission to duplicate rooms by an admin or the room owner. 
  • Export murals: only workspace members given permission by a mural creator or admin can export murals.
  • Delete murals: only the creator of a mural has permission to delete it. If a room is deleted, the murals in that room will be deleted too.



Learn more about permissions in MURAL here.

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