Integrate MURAL with other apps

Streamline your workflow.


MURAL is integrated across a whole host of other apps our users access on a daily basis. Read on to find out how exactly MURAL works with programs like Excel/Google Sheets, Dropbox, YouTube and Vimeo.



Upload from Dropbox / save to Dropbox 

You can right click anywhere on a mural and upload a file right from Dropbox. If you right click on an image, you can save that image directly to Dropbox as well. Read more about what file formats we support here.
YouTube & Vimeo
Copy and paste the URL of a link or video directly onto your mural. Use (Ctrl+ C) to copy the URL from the search bar and paste (Ctrl + V) the URL directly into the mural. You can watch your videos directly in the mural by double clicking the thumbnail! Read more.
Comment through e-mail
MURAL can push comments and mentions to email, as well as respond to comments by sending an email. Learn more.
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