Add frameworks

Frameworks are a collection of pre-formatted grids and diagrams. They help you get started quicker and organize your thoughts better. 


In this article you will learn how to:

  • Add a new framework to a mural
  • Lock frameworks to the background




To add a new framework to a mural, open up the frameworks tab in the left toolbar. Once you've found the framework you want to use, add it to your mural by dragging and dropping. 

There are three different categories of frameworks:

  • Layouts: basic frameworks that you can use to design your own activities.
  • Business and Design: a selection of the most common frameworks ready to use.
  • Calendars: frameworks containing monthly calendars and layouts for weekly planning.


Frameworks and areas are sticky. This means that any content you add inside a framework will stick to it. If you move a framework, you will also move the content within it.

Also note that frameworks add a node to your outline in the upper right. You can click on the title in the outline to zoom right to the framework from wherever you are in the mural. 



Before you invite your collaborators you can lock frameworks to the background so that you don't move them accidentally. 

To lock a framework, right click on the framework and choose "Lock" in the drop down menu.


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