Format elements in MURAL

Make MURAL's elements your own. 


Right-click on any element once to see your formatting options. Keep in mind the options will be different for different types of elements.


For example, icons can only be moved or have their color changed. Sticky notes have many more options, including:

  • move 
  • draw 
  • change text format
  • add a border
  • change background color
  • change type of element
  • copy text



  • For elements like text boxes and sticky notes, there are more editing options under the "T" icon. 



  • To change the size of an element, click the element once so that you can see a blue border around the element. To re-size, grab the blue dot in the bottom right and drag.



  • You can also rotate elements. To do this, move your mouse just off of the lower right corner. There is a point when your cursor will change to a double-ended arrow. You can then grab the element and rotate it. 




  • For additional options, right-click on any element. Again, these formatting options are different for every element.



Now you're able to edit elements in MURAL at a breakneck speed! Hopefully your colleagues can keep up with you. :)

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