Paste from (and to) spreadsheets and documents

Increase the ease of working with content across documents.


You work in many programs and in many formats - we get that. To help you move text from one document to another, use the copy and paste feature in MURAL. 


Here's how:

  1. Copy (CTRL+C) a bulleted list in a document, or the cells of a spreadsheet 
  2. Find the open mural you want to move the text to
  3. Paste (CTRL+V) it straight into your mural. 

 *Note that if you're pasting over 400 characters, it will render in text boxes instead of stickies.


Voilà! Each cell or line will magically appear as its own sticky note. Feel in control with how easy it is to cluster and arrange your content. Impress your colleagues by finding patterns and make conclusions quickly.


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