Manage workspace members' permissions

Control your workspace members' settings for privacy and security. 


With lots of people collaborating together, as the admin you may want to turn on and off different permissions for all of your workspace members.


As the admin of a workspace you have permission to:

    • Create rooms, grant admin permissions, remove collaborators and manage the privacy billing options.
    • Manage other workspace users' ability to create new rooms, access workspace rooms and even grant them admin rights.


To manage your workspace members permissions, go to your 'workspace members' settings:

  1. Click on the name of your workspace in the top right corner of the mural dashboard screen
  2. Click on Workspace Members
  3. (Un)check the boxes to grant/remove permissions


You can also:

  1. Sort the members list based on different criteria
  2. Select multiple members and guests to make bulk actions such as delete them from the workspace, or change their permissions.




Via the 'workspace members' management section, you can also remove users altogether, or invite new ones. Happy collaborating!

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