Move a mural

Reorganize your rooms and workspaces.


It's simple to move a mural to a different room or workspace:

  1. From your overview of murals (the MURAL dashboard), click on the arrow in the upper right of the mural you want to move
  2. Select "Move mural"
  3. Choose the workspace and room you want to move it to
  4. Click on the MOVE MURAL button, and you'll be taken to the room of its new location. If the mural doesn't appear directly in the new room, you can refresh your browser. 



**Note: You can move murals only to rooms and workspaces you've already joined.  


Now, you can feel your workspaces and rooms are tidy, with every mural in its proper place. If you find you're no longer using a mural and it's just taking up space, feel free to archive it for later.

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