Vote on elements in a mural

Increase your ability to reach a team consensus.


Voting gives your team the ability to quickly form a hierarchy of ideas and improve idea synthesis. You can initiate multiple voting sessions to really dig down.


It's really simple to use:

  1. Just click on the the dot voting box in top-left corner, and “Start Voting Session.”
  2. Choose the number of votes per person and name the session
  3. Start voting! To vote, click directly on the desired element(s). To de-select a vote you've already cast, hold the SHIFT key while clicking on it.
  4. End the session by clicking “End Voting Session” when everyone is finished.


p.s. You can vote for the same element more than once.

To start a subsequent voting session:
  1. Go back to the voting icon, and again click 'start voting session'.
  2. Name your session (or leave it blank; it will default to 'Session #').
  3. You'll see that the multiple sessions are color-coded. Once each subsequent session ends, you'll be able to go back and forth among voting sessions to see the different results.
Clear the votes by going back to the voting icon and clicking 'Clean Votes', or simply initiate a new voting session by clicking on the voting icon.
Now you're ready to impress your teammates by showing them how quickly you can make a decision as a team!
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