Duplicate elements within and between murals

To duplicate an element, select the desired item and press CTRL+D. If you’re more comfortable copying and pasting (CTRL + C, CTRL + V), you can do that as well. 




To duplicate multiple items at once, select the group of items you want to duplicate. Then duplicate the whole batch as though it were a single item (Ctrl + D or Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V).



Alternative: You can duplicate one or multiple elements by selecting them, holding ‘alt’ and dragging them to another part of the mural.



You can also duplicate elements between murals. Copy (CTRL + C) the elements you want to duplicate, then head to the desired mural and Paste (CTRL + V) them there. 

NOTE: It may not be possible to duplicate elements between some murals using the Firefox browser. Try Chrome instead for the best results using MURAL. 

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