Create a new room

Sort your murals into 'rooms' - they're just like folders.


To create a new room, just follow these steps:


1. Click on the '+' next to Private Rooms or Workspace Rooms, depending on which you'd like to create.

**Note: If you don't have this option for workspace rooms, that means the workspace admin has not given you permission to create new rooms.



2. Complete the dialog for the new room.

Here, you can select the privacy settings for your new room -- Private room (by invite only) or Workspace room (anyone on the team can enter it).


3. Once you create a room, you can add murals to the room.

It's really easy, just click CREATE MURAL.





Rooms are great for managing groups of murals and their permissions.



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    Srinivas Tummalapenta

    I do not have access to create a room, i am from IBM, we have an internal communication that we can access Mural through IBM internal credentials and use it. I am looking to create a collaboration for my team, it does not provide me the ability to create one.

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