Rename a room

As your projects evolve, so can your room names.


Sometimes, the best idea for what to call a room just hasn't come to you yet. Maybe you start with a working title, and the project becomes something beyond your wildest dreams! You'll want the room title to keep with that awesomeness.


Here's how to edit it:

  1. Go to the room you want to rename.
  2. Go into your room settings from the drop-down menu on next to the current name of the room
    • You can also double-click in the Room Title bar, and type the new name in directly. Hit 'Enter' to save.
  3. Write in the new name in the Room Title bar.
  4. Make sure to save your changes!




 Feel like you can get creative, but stay up-to-date and organized at the same time with differentiated room names.

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