Share a mural with a view link

Share your murals with clients or other stakeholders, even if they are not invited to your team. To do this, you'll need to create a view link. This is the only link that can be shared, you cannot share the link that appears at the URL bar of your browser.


  1. Click on the share button in the upper right of your mural.
  2. Click on the copy link button. You can also set a password to further protect your mural.
  3. Once you copied the link, you can copy and paste it wherever you want.



What it means to invite someone to view a mural:

  • Anyone who accesses a view link can view and share your mural without signing in. 
  • It’s a live mural, they will be able to see changes made to the mural in real-time.
  • Users who join a mural through a view link will be able to follow or be followed.
  • Know who is viewing your mural through a view link. You can see if there are anonymous users there on the bottom bar (anonymous users will be given a random animal avatar).
  • Remember that users who join with a view link will not be able to edit, comment or vote.


"Visitors" will be given a random animal avatar when joining your mural. 


The view of a regular user with permission to edit the mural


The view of a "visitor" with permission to view only. 



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