Invite visitors

For when you want to share a mural right away.


This feature allows you to invite a collaborator via view link. These collaborators will join automatically as a visitor without having to sign in or create an account.



To invite visitors, click on the SHARE button in the upper right of your mural. If it hasn’t been generated already, generate a view link. (Only a mural owner can do this.) Copy the view link and send it to anyone you want to show the mural to .

Anyone who uses the view link and either 1) does not have an account with MURAL or 2) does have an account but isn’t signed in will join the mural immediately as a visitor.

If a member of your workspace is signed in and joins via the same view link, they will enter your mural as a member with their normal avatar. Visitors will appear in your mural with an Anonymous Animal icon.

Visitors will be seen as Anonymous Animals.


Visitors who join via a view link will not be able to edit, but they will see changes in real time and be able to follow and be followed.


Visitors will not be added to a workspace’s member count, receive notifications or be able to access rooms or the dashboard. Their participation in your mural will end when they close the tab.

View of a mural member who is signed and has permission to edit


 “View only” view of a visitor who entered the mural as an Anonymous Raccoon

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